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Though there are hardships in life, if you are prepared for the unforeseen, you can handle these hardships better.

Contact our psychic experts to know all about your life and destiny. This will enable you to aim for it in utter confidence.

Restore your inner peace of mind by knowing your perfect path to success, no matter what situation your currently dealing with. You will have the confidence to take action after speaking to one of our expert psychics. Call today, and start moving forward in your life with confidence that you are headed in the right direction!

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Are you looking for love? Consult one of our love psychics and soothsayers to get all the answers about your love life and relationships. For instance:

  • When will I find my true love?
  • Whom will I marry?
  • Have I found the love of my life?
  • Am I being cheated on in my current relationship?
  • What will happen with my divorce?

Our experts will help you with all these questions and ease your mind when it comes to matters of the heart.

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Our psychics can answer all your career questions. Such as:

  • Will I find a job?
  • Am I living up to my potential?
  • Am I wasting time in the wrong career?
  • Will I be promoted?
  • Will I get a raise?

One of the hardest situations in life is being unhappy in your job or career. Consult the experts and find out your best options, and allow us to guide you in a direction to success. Why struggle another day in a job or career that is unfulfilling, stressful, and draining your life force, when our expert psychic readers can help lead you towards a different path? Let us help you find a job or career that will give you pleasure, happiness, and allow you to reach your full potential.

The Fabulous Five!

Below are five of our most popular psychic advisors. If you find one you like, and they are not on duty, you can request a call back!


@KarmaOnDeck [100] $2.50/min

  • Clair
  • Medi
  • Tarot
  • Healer
  • Astro
Available | 396d, 22h, 35m
Hi I'm Karma! I am a psychic and medium. I can tell you all about myself, but the one thing I can guarantee is that I won't waste your time. I am a straight shooter and blunt as they come. I am an Irish New Yorker with all the sass that comes along with it. I have been intuitive and a medium sinRead Morece I was 3! I've been reading Tarot for the last 20 years and now am a licensed psychic in the state of Nevada working in a brick and mortar shop as well.
I use tarot, pendulum and pure channeling for my readings. As an NLP Practitioner I operate as a life coach, business and family mediator and hypnotherapist. I am also a Reiki practitioner. As a career Paramedic, I have an extensive background in the medical field. I support the local LGBTQ community and I am a strong advocate for Women's empowerment. I work with women of domestic abuse in giving them the tools to move past their shadows and into the light. My public speaking platform, podcasts and radio shows all work toward one goal. Enlightenment and empowerment. I am driven and authentic. If you want to catch a peek at what is going on in your life regarding your relationships, money or spiritual growth, GIVE ME A CALL!

@MagicnMoxie [100] $2.50/min

  • Clair
  • Tarot
  • Healer
  • Astro
Available | 462d, 18h, 45m
Hi There. My name is Vanessa. I am an Astrologer, captivated and obsessed with the the amazing harmony of magic and science that our planetary aspects and divinations call to light. I've been fascinated with astrology since I was a child, and was "called upon" in adulthood to share it andRead More make it my focus. I am also an intuitive tarot reader, with the ability to divine answers, advice, and guidance using both platforms. My NLP practice gives me an insight into coaching the spirit and self in a way that motivates and inspires those I do readings for.
I call myself a lifetime student, because I am never satisfied with the level of learning I have achieved. I am always on the search for more. I have travelled most of my life, and lived all over the USA. I love placing myself into new environments, new cultural practices, and learning from the energies all around me. As a Clairsentient, I excel at understanding the intentions and emotions of those around me.
I am also a mother of 4. As you can imagine, the energy work never stops in that type of home. I wouldn't have it any other way.
I am an honest and caring reader, but will not lie to you, or sugarcoat what I sense. I will never gloss over the patterns and work to be discovered in your chart.
I believe a thorough Natal Chart reading can bring about the direction, focus, and clarity you are looking for, and NEED. It is indeed the blueprint of who we are, and can make clear for you, not only how you do the things you do, or want the things you want, but also WHY.
If you are looking to find that kind of direction, feel free to call me!

@SpiritualBdybldr [100] $2.50/min

  • Tarot
  • Healer
  • Astro
Available | 540d, 19h, 10m
My name is Nahum Justin Vizakis. I have been studying Astrology for six years and it has changed my life in many ways. Back in 2010, while in Iraq serving in the U.S. Army Special Operations; I discovered I am an Empath. This "Spiritual Awakening" cracked open my Kundalini energy and forevRead Moreer changed my life path. Since this time I have been studying with healers, Shamans and mentors from all over the world. I went to Arizona State University for Psychology, yet found there was a significant amount of information missing from that perspective. Astrology has taught me how to read and interpret energy, I am an energy healer and Neuromuscular therapist as well. I enjoy coaching and guiding my beautiful fellow beings through the darkness we all go through at some period of time in life. I use techniques from Reiki, Theta healing, Astrology, Tarot, NLP and Psychology to interact with and interpret the energies that will help you understand why it is you feel the way you feel, how it is affecting you emotionally, physically and energetically, and create a plan of action to accomplish whatever goals you have your heart set upon.
Add into all that I am an Athlete and former competitive bodybuilder, MMA fighter and Powerlifter; I address issues of nutrition and fitness as well. I find that this is a very important and lacking aspect of growth that people tend to neglect in the Spiritual community. Nutrition is critical to sustain optimal energetic, emotional and physical function that allows us to face life's challenges head on. I will work with your lifestyle, physical and mental capacity to structure a foundation of perpetual growth in all areas so that there is no "overwhelming" feelings of any kind.
Lets take a journey together and bring your life to the next level!

@Babalawo [105] $2.50/min

  • Clair
  • Medi
  • Healer
  • Numer
Available | 245d, 8h, 15m
I am Babalawo and my connections to the spirit world come from my Yoruban IFA, Wiccan and African traditions. I employ a wide range of occult rituals to delve deep into the hazy mysteries of your past, present and future. Known as The Father of the Secrets you will see that my spiritual gift in reveRead Morealing secrets and the truth is truly supernatural.
Multilingual psychic with 40 years working with peoples all around the world on my mission to help and guide as many individual as possible during there spiritual journey here on earth.


@Betty [100] $2.50/min

  • Medi
  • Tarot
  • Healer
Available | 589d, 3h, 50m
Hello brothers and sisters! I am here to answer your questions wherever spirit allows. Although I'd love to go into a full on paragraph about how awesome I am and how over this past decade of readings I have been responsible for mystifying 100s of clients. But the truth of the matter is, I am not wiRead Morese! I simply allow the wise ones on the other side to speak through me.

Let us help you with whatever you may be going through. With the use of Tarot cards, Oracle decks, and pendulum divination I will connect with my spirits, as well as yours if they choose to join. From there I will relay the intuitive messages given to me by the other side in order to help guide you to endless possibilities. I look forward to speaking with you!

Recent Posts

Most recent "World of Mysteries" blog posts.

My Favorite Jeans

I have a pair of Jeans that I've had forever, and they are my Fave!!! I can't bring myself to get rid of them. Admit it, you have something too: jeans, a shirt, a bag, a wallet.

These jeans are comfortable as hell and beat up even worse. They have been stitched together, patched, machine washed, hand washed and generally abused in the name of life. Every time I look at them, I see memories. That time I wore them at the park, and they got caught on a swing. Or the camping trip where I felt so connected to my husband. There's a stain where my daughter rubbed her freshly painted toes on them during our "girl day" when she was five.

They are full of memories, successes, failures, love, and hurt—life. But I smile each time I see them, and I'm happy when I put them on. And I ignore people who disapprove of them. I ignore comments that I need to retire them. Because I feel the life in them. Now, here's the question: what would our worlds look like, what could we teach others if we loved our imperfect, scarred, worn out, and less than perfect selves the way we love that one item in our closet that holds memory? If we looked at those stretch marks the way I look at those rips? If we looked at those wrinkles as nail polish stains earned with quality time with loved ones? Why on earth are we so much more forgiving to these material things than we are on ourselves? This body of mine, of yours, deserves the same love, admiration, and tolerance we give to our favorite jeans! (Metaphorically speaking.) I challenge you to look at yourself and find comfort in your own skin, the way you feel in your favorite shirt, jeans, etc. I love you!


I've been thinking a lot about platitudes lately. The conversation of genuine interaction has come up really often in my every day life lately, probably because my thoughts have been there anyway. However, I find I have some very strong opinions on the subject after all.

It started with a job I took, working as an assistant in a school. Now, if you don't know, there's a standard for self that is unspoken in a school. After all, we are molding and shaping kids there, right? So, we want happy and well adjusted children so when they have a bad day, we put on a smile and explain gratitude, and talk to them about all the good things that are going on in their life that they can focus on. Which I think is exactly what we SHOULD be doing, and how that should be handled. But it doesn't turn off with just the students.

There I was surrounded by people, mostly women, who honestly are the people I spend the most time with in any given day. And I personally, as I know many of you would feel, wanted to get to know them. Know who they are. Learn something from each person in my daily interactions.

You know what I found? Platitudes.

Day in, day out, no matter how many times you would look someone in the eye, and ask a very genuine.."Good morning, How are you?" I would get the same response. "I'm sooooo great. Loving life, and just so grateful for X Y Z.." (or something really similar)
Everyone had the student interaction smile pasted on their face, and divulged only the greatest parts of their life to me at any given moment.

I looked around. Outside of work it wasn't AS bad. (outside of the school I should say), but it WAS there. It was TOO prevalent.
People all over who were living their life IN PERSON as if they were posting a status on social media. Some vague quote about how perfect life is if you look hard. Comments on gratitude and being positive as if anything less is unacceptable. And they were doing it in person

Meanwhile, there I am, desperate to share real life with people. To tell them that raising teenagers was about to be the death of me. That it is sooooo hard. To ask how they manage? To ask if they have any wisdom to share. To tell someone that I was having a hard day. That today I feel inadequate. Fat. That I feel like I'm failing as a wife. As a mom. As a human. (Don't judge, I know you have felt that way too.)

But no one wanted to share that part.

Now, I know that some of you will be thinking....that's because we save those types of real talks for our closest friends. That we don't go around sharing our problems. But I challenge you with a "Why Not?"
How do we make close friends, if we don't know what we have in common? How can we share anything if we have set a precedent of LYING to one another when we meet?

I am not interested in playing a dating game with everyone I meet, for some indeterminate amount of time, and then one day having to confess that the super happy, positive , always sees the sunny side person you have known for the last year has been a fake. "Barbara, I have to confess something,....I have bad days" isn't something ANY of us should strive for.
And its dangerous.

Lets go back to the school for a minute.

I have never felt so alone, isolated, or DIFFERENT than I did at that time I was describing. I went home each day wondering what ELSE could possibly be wrong with me. These people that I was working with, that I spent so much time with never seemed to struggle. They never seemed to have a bad day. "Am I the only one who has days of immense sadness and self doubt?" I would ask myself. Something must be wrong with me. Oh, all the thoughts.

It was super unhealthy, not only for the FAKERS but for me as well.
I mean, they too weren't getting help with the things they needed help with. I know they felt alone at times. They just wouldn't say it. My heart hurt for them as well. We were all just these automatons walking around making each other feel like we weren't part of a village, but more a part of a Facebook news feed. Pretending with each other that we love Mondays, and are grateful for all the rain while standing in it for arrival of the students.

And we all felt it. We feel it. The lack of Genuine connection. The lack of feeling like part of a village. A community. I know I did. I know I do.

So I say again. Its dangerous.

Go out there and share the real you. Find a tribe of people who also are struggling with teenagers. Who are struggling with body positivity. Who just struggle some days. (Not people who live there, but visit once in a while and then shake it) Stop being part of the fake sincerity. Stop pretending that happiness is the only thing worth sharing. Stop feeling so damn alone. Find your people.
I warn you however, you will not find those people if you, or they, are hiding behind a great big pile of Platitudes.

The Basis of a Good Love Spell

Original post by Marie Bargas the Hollywood Witch

Every year I am asked by many clients to do love spells. Many are looking to recover lost loves. Even when the energies are ripe for a return to love, many are still frustrated because Karma refuses to allow a reunion until karmic debts are paid.  In all of my spell work I begin by educating my clients on the mechanics of Karma because karmic debt is often a reason why a spell will not work or not work completely.

I teach my people to think of Karma as a bank. And, like a bank if a "Karmic Account" is overdrawn during a working then there are "fees and penalties."  The best way to remedy this imbalance is to continue to make "Karmic Deposits" BEFORE a work is attempted.  I often suggest that my clients do random acts of kindness, donate clothes and food to the poor, help a stranger unconditionally, volunteer at a children's hospital, etc ... and dedicate those acts of charity to whatever deity or energy we are asking for assistance.

Although the magick that I teach is non-secular  (Magick Lab Academy), I personally work with Angels and Devas because these are the energies that I connect to the most. When working on Love I often connect to the Hindu Goddess of Love AND Devotion (Parvati) and the ArchAngels Gabriel (the Moon/Messenger) and Hanael the ArchAngel of Love. Raphael is likewise the ArchAngel of Happy Meetings and Happy Marriages.  In every work I seek to balance the energies of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in order to effect a significant change.  In my experience Love is an energy that needs to be nurtured like a seed on itThes way into blossoming into a flower.

But, before any work is done Karma must be addressed so we can see what sort of measurable effects can be expected without any major "Karmic Blowback."  My solution to this is to ask my clients to write a list of everything that they want in a partner. Next, anything on that list that they cannot give to a partner themselves they have to cross off.  The basis for this is that you cannot ask for anything that you cannot give. Many of you will recognize this from "The Law of Attraction." Once this list is completed and incorporated into the spell along with reasonable "Karmic Deposits" then and only then can a love spell be worked to it's maximum potential.

The Basis of a Good Love Spell

Magick is an energetic "messenger" and in love these messages can and should be delivered straight to the heart. The issue I have with forcing someone to love against their will is a violation of their freedom of choice. Instead I encourage my clients to leave the option to "choose" open in order to spare themselves the Karmic Debt incurred by violating someone's free will.  In most cases a message of Love delivered to the heart with heart felt sincerity is enough to produce the desired results.  I do not encourage anyone to force the situation, but to make themselves more lovable which is the better way.

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