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Hi I'm Karma! I am a psychic and medium. I can tell you all about myself, but the one thing I can guarantee is that I won't waste your time. I am a straight shooter and blunt as they come. I am an Irish New Yorker with all the sass that comes along with it. I have been intuitive and a medium since I was 3! I've been reading Tarot for the last 20 years and now am a licensed psychic in the state of Nevada working in a brick and mortar shop as well.
I use tarot, pendulum and pure channeling for my readings. As an NLP Practitioner I operate as a life coach, business and family mediator and hypnotherapist. I am also a Reiki practitioner. As a career Paramedic, I have an extensive background in the medical field. I support the local LGBTQ community and I am a strong advocate for Women's empowerment. I work with women of domestic abuse in giving them the tools to move past their shadows and into the light. My public speaking platform, podcasts and radio shows all work toward one goal. Enlightenment and empowerment. I am driven and authentic. If you want to catch a peek at what is going on in your life regarding your relationships, money or spiritual growth, GIVE ME A CALL!

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