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Hi There. My name is Vanessa. I am an Astrologer, captivated and obsessed with the the amazing harmony of magic and science that our planetary aspects and divinations call to light. I've been fascinated with astrology since I was a child, and was "called upon" in adulthood to share it and make it my focus. I am also an intuitive tarot reader, with the ability to divine answers, advice, and guidance using both platforms. My NLP practice gives me an insight into coaching the spirit and self in a way that motivates and inspires those I do readings for.
I call myself a lifetime student, because I am never satisfied with the level of learning I have achieved. I am always on the search for more. I have travelled most of my life, and lived all over the USA. I love placing myself into new environments, new cultural practices, and learning from the energies all around me. As a Clairsentient, I excel at understanding the intentions and emotions of those around me.
I am also a mother of 4. As you can imagine, the energy work never stops in that type of home. I wouldn't have it any other way.
I am an honest and caring reader, but will not lie to you, or sugarcoat what I sense. I will never gloss over the patterns and work to be discovered in your chart.
I believe a thorough Natal Chart reading can bring about the direction, focus, and clarity you are looking for, and NEED. It is indeed the blueprint of who we are, and can make clear for you, not only how you do the things you do, or want the things you want, but also WHY.
If you are looking to find that kind of direction, feel free to call me!

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