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Naturally gifted empath and clairaudient. I became aware of my gifts when I was 15 years old. I started to see and feel things that would later happen. I always felt like a the odd man out but always had friends come to me for guidance. I am never alone; Spirit is always with me guiding me. I have learned that the world has a very peculiar noise that can muddy our natural ability to hear guidance from the universe. We all have it: it is just that some of us have been gifted to trust it and follow it fully. For the past few years I have learned to trust that guidance more and more and with it great things, some might say magical things, have happened.

I was given these gifts to help people have trust and faith in the path and the guidance received. While things might not happen exactly the way we want them at the time we want them, each step gets us closer to something better; we just have to trust.

My Spirit guides help me provide guidance to answer your most pressing questions. I use a mixture of Lenormand tarot and clairaudience to get you the best guidance and the most honest answers. I am a fast reader, my guides are usually the ones that do the talking. I provide their direct messages.

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