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Hello and Welcome to my page I'm Sandra, I'll be your reader , I hope your ready to learn new things about yourself? Take a seat and relax... Tell me what you need out of my works today? Do you wish to get a message from a passed loved one or close friend? Because I can do it, I'm a medium and deliver of messages from the land of the passed on. Questions of your life or love or just need answers? Let me read your tarot and see what's in the works for you.. Need a pendulum questioned answered allow me too, psychic work or questions I can do it. Spells and Magick is something I can also do. Aura reading can be done or if you just don't know what your needing or looking for, let me help and together we can find the answers. 💜 I'm no different then you... I was born with a few gifts and I'm a witch No dark or evil is done here. All light and love. Many moon blessings to you. And my the guilds of our pasted loved ones help guild us. Blessed be

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