What is Mercury Retrograde?

What is Mercury Retrograde?

I get that question a lot. It drops like an annoying catch phrase and gets passed around and blamed for just about everything. Like industry-standard words often do, a phrase sticks and eventually has such meaning that it becomes a norm, but do we really understand it? My favorite current catchphrases that I am annoyed by are "attachment," "twin flame," "for your greater good," and for Goddess' sake, if I hear "manifestation" one more time... but I digress.

Now, I'm no astrologer but I can tell you my experience with it and the world according to Karma. And you know me, I am a myth buster. As a paramedic, I have a pragmatic eye to just about anything.

A good Google search will tell you the dates and times of the year that Mercury goes "direct" for us and it will give a little scientific jargon. But essentially, once every 4 months or so, Mercury appears to move in the opposite direction of Earth. Slower moving Mercury gives the illusion of moving in retrograde or away. Unlike a moon phase (full moon being roughly 3 days), Mercury is slower moving so the "phase" is about three weeks. So get good and comfortable with Mercury energy when you hear it coming around.

The general consensus is that this is the time that exes come back around. It's true! They do. Also this is a devastating "season" for breakups because you'll see those old solid couples of 20-plus years suddenly calling it quits. I always say, Mercury is where the rubber meets the road. If you are dissatisfied, then you get restless. Or missing someone, or them missing you. If you haven't heard from your ex, are you the one who reached out? I always say that this season is all about awareness. If an old paradigm comes churning up out of the past, we have two choices: heal it, or kill it. And I am figuratively speaking, thank you very much. Heal the wound or kill off the connect. It's that simple.

I can go back and map every break up or relationship hiccup to corresponding dates. Try it!

Electronics are said to take a crash at this time. Also, there are miscommunications of all kinds. So, your computer is not your friend during Mercury Retrograde. Neither is your tablet, nor phone, nor is any data to be trusted. Typos and the "oops I forgot to hit send" texts are like a plague. This includes signing contracts, so no house or car buying, and avoid a court appearance.

The major affect of Mercury, though, is miscommunication. Being the opposite completely. Even the most simple of requests or statements get turned around, so don't be afraid to ask twice.

Travel delays, bunk computer systems, exes, makeups, breakups, contracts. And looooooove!

I like to keep things simple, so this should suffice for enough data for you to get a general idea of what to expect. Leave a comment if you think I missed something!

Hope this helps you weather the season!


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