Ooops! That Free Reading Just Cost You Your Soul

Original Post by Marie Bargas

Last night I was chatting on a Paranormal Facebook Group when I joined a thread about a man who was being haunted by two spirits. The first one he described as an adorable little Chinese girl and the other he claimed was a dark spirit. Many people including several psychics chimed in with their own opinions about what they thought the dark spirit was. Instead, I simply asked him the questions that I would on any routine investigation ... until ... he said he was sure that it was Satanic. At that moment I backed off so fast that I made his head spin. And he was stunned because so many others were trying to strut their stuff. I was the only one who was NOT interested.

First of all, I got the impression that he may be a kid trying to play a game. Telling a story about being haunted by a Satanic spirit is classic horror movie fodder. Most people outside of the Occult Community can't differentiate between a ghost, a demon, an elemental, etc ... but they all watch tv, so "demon" seems to be the default answer. But I had an odd gut feeling about this guy that told me to back off and draw a line. If he was playing a game no matter what I said, he would turn around and call me fake and most likely try to get me back to Jesus. Or, if he were telling the truth, my guides and spirits weren't having any of it because he wanted it all done for free! Believe me, dealing with a real Satanic spirit and/or demon is no small feat. And, asking for a freebie is beyond presumptuous because of the cost and the danger.

Most paranormal researchers will never deal with a real demon, but that's a good thing because fighting demons is often a fatal endeavor. My own teacher, who was a renowned exorcist, died of a brain tumor. On his death bed he made me promise never to become an exorcist because it was a dangerous occupation. Until then I thought that it might be something thrilling to do, but as I watched him waste away from an inoperable cancer, I saw that the cost of an exorcism to the life and limb of an exorcist was just too high. This is why I believe that most investigators think that they are fighting demons when they aren't. From my own personal experience real demons kill.

After he told me that it was a Satanic spirit several other psychics came on board and one said that it was actually the ghost of an ancestor. At that point I had shut myself off completely because I wanted none of it. But I was curious so I read on to see what other people had to say. One free psychic blathered about how she could definitely help him. She sounded desperate for validation. Lots of these free psychics are desperate for validation even though some are actually psychic, but terribly insecure or they feel guilty about taking money. I pity the ones that think that this is the best that they can do. Literally, begging for crumbs when we were once thought of as "Messengers of the Gods" is painful to watch.
In contrast I don't feel insecure about my ability all. In fact I have to shield myself because I can become too sensitive. I have shields, but I'm told my energy can be an intoxicating ambrosia. It's great when I'm reading for clients, but it can be addicting for both humans and non-human entities. What I do is real and because it's real it can be extremely dangerous. Anyone who doesn't understand that has no idea that there is a huge difference between the fake occult that we seen in our favorite tv shows and movies vs. the real occult which includes non-human intelligent creatures that feed on our life energy as if we (humans) were the buffets at Home Town or Golden Corral.

So, I suggested that he visit some of the free reading sites on Facebook in order to see if any of those psychics could confirm his beliefs and/or heal the situation. I look at it this way, if he's playing a game and lying there will be no harm done. And, if he is in fact telling the truth, it may show to these free psychics once and for all why many of us charge for our services. Doing a reading on a real demon puts a psychic at risk of being "attached" and fed upon. I know how to sever these attachments and shield, but honestly at this stage I'd rather not have to go through the trouble. I don't even want to think about what could happen to a psychic whose best resource is Google. Oh ... Google doesn't have all the answers.

Demonology is a highly specialized and dangerous field. These poor self-taught people who think that reading the Necromonicon and watching Supernatural is going to prepare them to face a 5,000 year old demon/djinn with a bunch of equipment they bought off eBay, salt and Holy Water are often badly damaged physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually because their "hobby" is about as dangerous as making bombs in your bathtub in the dark. Ultimately, they either pay thousands to a legit exorcist, or end up on the Vatican's waiting list for exorcisms, or worse yet, in mental institutions.

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