Riding the Expansion and Contraction Process

Can we simply see our lives as an adventure?

Truly, from my perspective any soul who has the focus and intention enough to manifest a human life deserves some major props.

I believe we choose certain things about our life pre-life, we choose life schools, we choose some gifts, some habits – sometimes consciously and sometimes subconsciously - and each choice is a step of the adventure.

When I think of the little bit I’ve learned of the life of Nelson Mandela, for example, his habits of thought and physical care, excellence in care of communication with others (self-reflection and speaking from the heart became a practice) were not the environment readily available to him while in a small and unwelcoming prison cell and they were not obviously his way of being before going into that cell, supposedly. He sought them out from inside his own heart and soul when faced directly with his own heart and soul with few distractions. He drew this from what life adventures his programming and choices to that point had provided him. After emerging from that prison there was a massive personal and professional expansion which created a major impact. His process of expansion and contraction was obvious, from public figure to fallen and nearly forgotten public figure to someone many consider a hero.

Check any story or figure in history and honestly track the process, we’ll see the expansion and contraction processes at work.

This is the process I’d love to see us stop being afraid of. It’s a process I, myself, am in consistent practice of not shrinking from.

Expansion and Contraction.

When we go through an expanding experience such as our first true kundalini awakening or plant medicine experience, or powerful tantric experience or other dramatic/otherwise obvious energetic breakthrough: Love Yourself Enough to schedule some time and energy to be able to transition through the contraction. It includes some more wide-spread practices too such as a 3-day fast detox cleanse or silent meditation practice. Even after a wedding there is space for the expansion and build up of the even to be enjoyed and released in the honeymoon experience to assist in transition and contraction into “regular life” together.

In a contraction phase we draw inward a bit more in order to assimilate the expansion which has just occurred into our lives. When we don’t provide for ourselves in this way, it can make the upgrades and transitions you put in place with your breakthrough much more difficult. This is when we find it difficult to work with our own emotions and find ourselves reacting instead of responding to situations. In some cases we’ll see ourselves withdraw further back than before the Expansion occurred in the first place.

Looking at life as an adventure, a video game, a chess game, or whatever other fun and pleasurable vision you prefer turns this process of expansion and contraction into a much more joyous and easy experience. If your belief systems won’t allow you to relax into it yet, there are a variety of methods available to make that easier too.

There isn’t a One of us who doesn’t have stories which could be told from a dozen different perspectives and some leave us as a victim while other perspectives on the same story can give us the victor’s sword.

Remember to Enjoy the Ride.

Expansion and Contraction are a part of the life process.

The more we learn to experience that process from a more detached place, the more life energy can flow with ease and the more we’ll be able and willing to exist within that ease.

Relax into Who You Are.

Being You is the easiest and most simple thing any of us can Be or Do … as we get out of the way of that.

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