My Favorite Jeans

I have a pair of Jeans that I've had forever, and they are my Fave!!! I can't bring myself to get rid of them. Admit it, you have something too: jeans, a shirt, a bag, a wallet.

These jeans are comfortable as hell and beat up even worse. They have been stitched together, patched, machine washed, hand washed and generally abused in the name of life. Every time I look at them, I see memories. That time I wore them at the park, and they got caught on a swing. Or the camping trip where I felt so connected to my husband. There's a stain where my daughter rubbed her freshly painted toes on them during our "girl day" when she was five.

They are full of memories, successes, failures, love, and hurt—life. But I smile each time I see them, and I'm happy when I put them on. And I ignore people who disapprove of them. I ignore comments that I need to retire them. Because I feel the life in them. Now, here's the question: what would our worlds look like, what could we teach others if we loved our imperfect, scarred, worn out, and less than perfect selves the way we love that one item in our closet that holds memory? If we looked at those stretch marks the way I look at those rips? If we looked at those wrinkles as nail polish stains earned with quality time with loved ones? Why on earth are we so much more forgiving to these material things than we are on ourselves? This body of mine, of yours, deserves the same love, admiration, and tolerance we give to our favorite jeans! (Metaphorically speaking.) I challenge you to look at yourself and find comfort in your own skin, the way you feel in your favorite shirt, jeans, etc. I love you!

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